Hi there, I’m a writer. What do I write anything honestly, but mostly plays.

I’ve always toyed around with the idea of creating a blog but never knew what I could or should share that would be a worthwhile read for internet strangers (maybe some friends) and that I could be proud in sharing. Then I finally realized I should share what I’ve been writing since I was holding a pen: Plays. My unpublished scripts that are just sitting in folders on my laptop. And I have countless more ideas and stories that are bursting to get out.  I don’t know why the obvious answer didn’t hit me sooner, maybe it was because of fear. Fear of rejection. Or would anyone truly care would my efforts be pointless? Well I guess I will soon find out. In the meantime enjoy my writings and stories.

p.s. if you read something you really like you can contact me for the full version.

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